Sometimes you just need an objective, empathic person to help you sort through whatever is troubling you. Family and friends may be easy to talk to but they aren’t really going to be neutral and they aren’t bound by HIPAA; plus they remember what you’ve told them and may bring up whatever you’ve shared long after you’ve worked through it and don’t want to discuss it anymore.

The benefits of working with a therapist (me) is that: 1) I strive to be neutral and objective but also empathic and affirming, 2) I am bound by HIPAA which means I can’t talk with others about what we discuss without your permission. (Some exceptions apply, such as abuse, so please see my privacy policies), 3) you only see me when you want to because I’m not part of your everyday life and 4) I’ve had many years of training and experience that give me insights into a wide range of issues that better equip me to help you work through whatever you are struggling with at the time. 

My particular areas of interest are anxiety & stress management, life transitions, and relationship issues. My approach to therapy is eclectic and depends on the issue and the person. If your issue is beyond my scope of practice or expertise I will say so, and help you find a better fit.


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